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The Side of the House

The Side of the House is a place to sit quietly and talk with people of good will about things that matter most.

Who Even Knew This Was Possible?

An old friend gets ordained a bishop. We watch the livestream from 872 miles away. At the end, while he's leaving the church, he shows off an amazing new power of seeing us through a tv screen. Whoah! Mind. Blown.... Continue Reading →


Pilgrimage Ponderings: Are Spanish Dogs Really Cats in Disguise?

A surprising oddity as we hiked the Camino de Santiago de Compestela was the dogs. Yes, the dogs.

Chronicles of A Pilgrimage Forthcoming

I just returned from Spain and Portugal with my three sons and group of nine other men. We've got some stories to tell.

Spiritual Insight Provided on Every Airline Flight

Listen carefully to the pre-flight instructions and you might hear a very scriptural insight.

When a Historical Photo Becomes a Visual Metaphor

A striking photo from the battlefield at Iwo Jima amplifies a reality that ALL Catholics experience.

Notre Dame Day Interview About the Grotto Photo (Part 6)

The story seems a little more real when you see & hear real live humans talking about it.

Upcoming Opportunities To Hear More About The Grotto Photo (Part 5)

The Grotto photo will be featured on Catholic radio, a parish talk, and a Notre Dame internet TV broadcast. Some details and thoughts about all this..

Easter Joy: Best Images From My Text Strings During the Past Week

Some family and friends really got into Holy Week text exchanges this week. Fun stuff. 🙂

Good Friday in Plain and Simple Terms

We killed Him. We freaking killed HIM. Today was like a funeral for me. I'm not only sad, but I'm outraged at what we did to Jesus. We? Yes, WE! I was and am still part of the problem.

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