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Upcoming Opportunities To Hear More About The Grotto Photo (Part 5)

The Grotto photo will be featured on Catholic radio, a parish talk, and a Notre Dame internet TV broadcast. Some details and thoughts about all this..

Easter Joy: Best Images From My Text Strings During the Past Week

Some family and friends really got into Holy Week text exchanges this week. Fun stuff. 🙂

Good Friday in Plain and Simple Terms

We killed Him. We freaking killed HIM. Today was like a funeral for me. I'm not only sad, but I'm outraged at what we did to Jesus. We? Yes, WE! I was and am still part of the problem.

The Grotto Snowflake Photo: Yet Another Surprise (Part 4)

Every time the story of Our Lady's image in a snowflake seems to be over, another new and unlikely connection emerges.

A Man Who Made an Impact

Dr. Richard C. Boling Sr. was good to me when I needed him. That is something I'll never forget.

Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May!

Our son wanted to go to Rome but did not have the money. So what's he doing in Rome today?

Maybe the Tuesday Morning Wedding Time Wasn’t Such a Bad Idea

My grandparents' Tuesday morning wedding reveals a clarity about marriage often lacking today.

Pausing Briefly from Serious and Important Stuff… The Side of the House has a NEWLY RESTORED DOOR!

If you find yourself sipping scotch with me on the Side of the House this summer, you might notice something different.

The Grotto Snowflake Photo: New and Unexpected Twists (Part 3)

The story of Our Lady's surprise at the Grotto at Notre Dame last December just keeps surprising us all.

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