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A New and Unexpected Twist to that Remarkable Photo From the Grotto at Notre Dame

The story of Our Lady's surprise at the Grotto at Notre Dame last December just keeps surprising us all.

The Wisdom Story Behind St. Valentine’s Day

The origin of Valentine's Day is sketchy. But don't let that obscure the beauty of the wisdom story that inspired it.

Little Things Are Actually Big Things

Small gestures of kindness can make a lasting impact on the lives of our friends. My basement stairs can attest to this.

Who had a larger crowd? Obama? Trump? (Yawn) Fr. Peyton used to draw a million all the time. The rosary is more powerful.

Why Nine Million People Suddenly Turned Catholic: Astounding Physical Evidence

It's nearly 500 years old. Enemies can't destroy it. Scientists can't explain it. How did it lead 9 million people to Christ? Read on...

In Praise of Work: The More Kids Hate It – The More They Need It

Our entire family raked our lawn together today. This "all hands on deck" situation only happens once in a blue moon. It was fantastic! What would have taken me 6 or 7 hours working alone was finished in only 70... Continue Reading →

The Waterfall Picture That Some Consider Miraculous

"Always be prepared to give an answer to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope."  - 1Peter 3:15   It has become quite clear that the recent photo of a student praying at the Grotto at University of Notre... Continue Reading →

If Your Christmas Was More Melancholy Than Merry, Read This…

If Christmas was sad or lonely for you this year, please read on...

Student Praying in the Grotto Photo At Notre Dame Found

I think I've received around 50 or 60 inquiries about the identity of the student praying in this photo. My thinking was that we did not need to find him because he would find us. Well today it happened. He... Continue Reading →

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